Blueprint Festival launch party at The Kazimier > Friday 18 July, 9pm - late. Don’t miss this evening of multi-sensory AV extravaganza!

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What is the relationship between word and image? How do they compliment each other in art? Join artist and poet Inua Ellams // Word & Graphic Artist in a FREE workshop responding to key themes of text, narrative and image in Source Display - THIS SATURDAY 19 JULY at Tate Britain » DON’T MISS! 

Book here »>

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COMING SOON! Blueprint Festival at Tate Liverpool!


Prototype test!
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Can love change the world? Festival of Love at the Southbank Centre…

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It’s July. Which means less than 3 weeks to Blueprint Festival - yessss! (Image: Inprint / Jonzo) 


Here’s a little quiz for the colour lovers out there




"I’m going to be an artist."
"Do you have any advice for other artists?"
"Don’t press down too hard with your crayons."

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Keith Haring

Make a wish…

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Reminds us of Source Display’s Order and Compulsion month…


"Dissociation, 2013" 

Lindsey Schulz 

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If Rothko paintings were jpegs…



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Happy 415th birthday, Velazquez! 


Las Meninas - Diego Velazquez

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Yoruba People
Beaded Crown (adenia)
20th century
Imported glass seed needs, fabric

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Are you a fan of Things Organized Neatly? This Thursday, Austin Radcliffe, the founder of the blog, will be giving a talk at Tate Britain, and it’s FREE!

More details and ticket booking here:

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NEWS! Open call alert. It’s that time again… Source Display calls for artworks in response to the themes of ORDER and COMPULSION. Responding to Damien Hirst’s use of grids as a structure for organising or Austin Radcliffe’s blog Things Organized Neatly. Submit work that celebrates neatness and order through curated selections of objects or grid-like formations and your work will be considered to become part of Source Display

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A young Picasso dreams of digitizing himself in the future. GIF, 2014.

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